Viivria Self Balancing Scooter Review


Technology as we know it is changing more rapidly now than ever before in recorded history. One of those advancements is the self balancing scooter. I will cover first of all what it is and how it works. Secondly I will be going over specs and how it stacks up to the rest out there.

When most of the people at large hear the words self balancing scooter they probably picture a segway with the handles to hold while mobile on them. This model however is not that. The Viivria is a no hands self balancing scooter. There are no handles to be found here. The machine does all of the work for you. Quite effortlessly as well. So let’s get into it then.

The self balancing scooter is just that, but when you look at it the resemblance of a board comes to mind. So scooter sounds somewhat misleading in nature. The design was obviously intentional and looks sleek and fun to ride. It really does look and feel like some kind of future tech.

The basic working concept here is the scooter uses your body’s center of gravity to control which way you turn, your speed, stopping. It has a zero degree point of rotation for full mobility. It is also small enough not to take up a bunch of space but large enough to feel substantial and solid under you. Being simple to use is a plus here as well. You should learn the basics of it in roughly 30 minutes or so (after fully charging) and be on your way in style.

The Viivria weighs in at 27lbs. so it is not terribly heavy. It is the smallest and lightest design so far and this helps with the control as well.

The steering is very responsive from the auto adjusting stabilizers inside the scooter. With the 0 degrees of cornering it turns on a dime which makes for a fun ride with 15 degrees of climbing as well. It can get around.

Your max speed with this one here is 10 miles per hour which is plenty fast. You really feel like you are running top speed without all the running involved. The speed is easy and intuitive to use also which makes you confident in riding one for the first time. For an emergency stop, step or jump off.

The battery here holds a charge for about 10 hours of constant motion. So this works out to be a lot more since nobody I know is constantly on one. It takes a charge from something 100-240 volts or your average wall socket. The battery type is 36V/4.4Ah lithium.

This is a sleekly designed and fun to ride scooter. It’s ease of use makes it an option for kids or adults. The learning curve is low and it feels intuitive and responsive to your movements. I would recommend one to anybody who is in the market for one.

Happy scooting folks!

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