Swagway Self Balancing Scooter Review


The self-balancing scooter is gaining recognition by large numbers of people all over the world. Its popularity is mostly based on the functionality it gives to people for travelling short distances. The two-wheel scooter innovation has proven to be a good alternative to bicycles and skateboards. You can now save yourself from getting stuck in a traffic jam since these electric scooters are designed with a small frame and they only occupy little space. This portable and lightweight balancing scooter can easily be carried by hand and it is quite simple to learn compared to riding a skateboard or bicycle. It also poses a minimal threat to the environment compared to cars and motorbikes.

One of the fastest and most highly-customizable models available on the market today is the Swagway Self Balancing Scooter. It is designed with the combination of fun from skateboarding and the simplicity of a motor scooter. Swagway is the next level in the evolution of transportation with a bit of swag. It features zero degree turning which makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. During movement to a higher place, this scooter can climb up to a 15-degree incline with ease. Weighing a total of 26.5 pounds, this is one of the lightest and fastest scooter brands around.

Swagway offers a brand new and practical way of traveling from one place to another. Your commute will be an adventure with a lot of fun as you go 10 miles per hour with this balancing scooter. It comes with a huge capacity Samsung battery which has a charging time of around two hours. Having a fully charged battery will allow you to enjoy an exciting ride of about 20 miles without losing power. Swagway will never leave you hanging in the middle of the road.

Swagway Self Balancing Scooter is an authentic US brand and it is FCC, Prop65, RoHS, UN38.3, CE and WERCs certified. Upon purchasing a brand new unit, it automatically comes with a 12-month warranty for an enhanced customer satisfaction. The original box contains the main unit, user manual, charging cable, and an advanced Samsung battery. It is also available in six different colors: black, blue, white, green, bright red, and midnight garnet.

Learning to use this scooter will take only a few minutes since its dual-action motors will respond according to your body movement the moment you step on it. You just need to shift your weight forward in order to accelerate forward and shift back to reverse. Simply move to the right or left to make smooth turns. Just hop on and and let the Swagway automatically do the balancing for you as you cruise along.

The eco-friendly Swagway scooter is perfect to use for urban commutes since it is a great alternative to taking the bus. It is also quite faster compared with the average jogging speed of 4 to 6 miles per hour. There will be no worries that the scooter will easily fall apart since it is built with lightweight, solid materials. Its efficient quality also makes it easy for many people to bring the Swagway Self Balancing Scooter almost everywhere. However, a set of protective gear is highly recommended when riding this scooter. Most countries permit the use of two-wheel self balancing scooters on public streets within their regulatory guidelines.

The Swagway Self Balancing Scooter is a good model if you expect to carry it around. It is a great way to reach areas that are difficult or inaccessible by car or public transport. You can easily get out and go instantly as this scooter because is faster than most of the other models available on the market. It is also ideal for those who like to swag and ride. It is also a good bargain for people who are on a tight budget. With its quick charging time and long battery life, Swagway is one of the cost-effective and cheapest modes of transportation.

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