Smart Self-Balancing Scooter Review


The Smart Self Balancing Scooter is the newest craze right now that everybody is buying; it is basically a Segway without handlebars. It goes at a speed of about seven to eight mph and when you get it up to full speed, it will beep, signaling that you have reached your maximum speed. It will go about fifteen miles of riding without needing to be recharged. When it runs out of charge, it has a little battery shaped light that will change from green to red and flash, and has a charging port next to the power button on the front. So far everyone has given it pretty good reviews and consider it to be a lot of fun. The information on the box says it has a maximum weight capability limit of 200- 220 lbs.

It has two wheels and you simply control it with your body movements and the way you put pressure on the foot pads. There is a power button to turn it on and then you slowly get on from behind. Place one foot on the scooter then balance yourself as you place your other foot on the scooter. Put pressure on the rubber foot pads to control your speed and activate the power to the scooter. Push down with your feet and lean in slightly with your body and the scooter will move forward, you can speed up the scooter by pushing harder or let up to slow it down. Each side works independently from the other and each has its own motor and is divided between the two so each one is separate. If you have a little trouble getting the hang of it, just relax, it just takes a little practice. If you have trouble keeping your balance try pushing against the outer sides of the scooter to help you keep your balance. To go in a circle, you simply push forward on one side but not the other. To go backward simply push back on both footpads and it will go backward.

It is a heavy duty unit, made pretty strong, but you don’t want to run it into anything big or heavy because if your slam it into something with enough speed you can break it. It has lights on either side of the front so you can see ahead of you when it is dark outside. It only weighs a little over thirty pounds so you can carry it when it runs out of charge, into school, work, or if you are going into a building where you aren’t allowed to ride them. The tires aren’t inflatable so you don’t have to worry about airing them up or getting a flat tire. The scooter will work on most driveways and sidewalks and will go over most bumps and cracks in the cement but not up curbs or large changes in height. They don’t work in grass, dirt, or sand, it only works on flat, hard surfaces. Considering the thousands of these they have sold, overall it is a very good toy to buy, without any real issues.

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