Self Balancing Scooters

The self balancing scooter has proven to be the next big thing, and an avalanche of people have shown up in waves to join in on the fun of riding this insanely popular new gadget. Are you next?

Basically, the thing is a Segway with no handle. It may sound scary or off-putting at first, but they are very intuitively accurate. The slightest motion (when standing on one) will be sensed and put into motion. It literally takes 3-5 minutes to learn to ride one. Even for children. It takes roughly, 30 minutes or so to master.

Some of the basic info breaks down like this:

  • Two wheeled scooter, no handles
  • Can be used to move forward, backward, turn 360 degrees, slow, stop
  • Gyroscopic sensors read motions for self balance
  • Very economically sound, no fuel usage, faster than walking
  • Easy to carry and store away

Beyond these key features that every model shares, there are many brands, with many signature features. So be sure to shop around. You never know if you can find the same one, or better for the same price, or less in some cases.

Prices can vary from $369-$799 depending on the manufacturer, and the features of each one available. There are many, many companies getting in on this new tech craze, so make sure you do your home work. This website will give you in depth info, features, pricing options and the reviews of the best hoverboards.

Recommended ages for these new toys is 14 and up. It is recommended also that you start out with a learning partner, or at the very least, be somewhere that you can grab hold, should you fall. It is also a very good idea to practice someplace where you can get up to speed and be comfortable with the controls.

Learn how the self balancing scooter responds to your motions to speed up, slow down, stop and turning radius. This would be best practiced in an empty parking lot, or an area in your neighborhood with low traffic. Safety first here.

All of the hoverboard models I’ve reviewed come with non-inflatable rubber wheels, so there is no fear of a flat. The gyroscopes are very intuitive to pressure, as well as leaning motions. So whether you are traveling uphill or downhill, the self balancing scooter responds accordingly to the slightest pressure. Of course, you must be standing on the hoverboard for it to activate the gyroscopes and accurately sense the motions you make.

Hoverboard technology is only getting better with each new iteration. So if you are a tentative buyer, you can be sure the next “best” one will be revealed here soon enough to the masses. So far in 2016, StreetSaw Hoverboards has come out on top as our #1 rated self balancing scooter.

Ultimately, the decision on which one is best for you is well, your choice. I hope this site is informational enough to at least introduce you to the idea of this great new technology.

Happy, and safe travels to all.

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