Locas Self Balancing Scooter Review


Self balancing scooters have become more and more popular these days. Now, riders no longer need to propel themselves with foot power as all they really need is the battery of the scooter itself. Now, in order to properly select the best scooter out there, it is necessary to look at not only the scooter design, but its ability to maintain balance as well. The Locas Self Balancing Scooter is such a device that does come with some impressive design features, but like all scooters, it is important to test it out multiple times as it does take some time getting use to.

Features of the Locas Self Balancing Scooter

First, the basics. The device does come in several colors, so if there is a particular look someone is going for, they are able to find it with the Locas device. The foot grip is extensive, so there is no real problem with potential slipping once standing upright on the device. The rugged grip is perfect for both children and adults as there is plenty of room to grip onto shoes. It uses a high powered 500 watt motor while using 6.5 inch tires. The tire size is always important to consider as larger tires usually give more traction, which reduces slipping. It also makes it easier to brake and steer, especially over not completely smooth terrain (such as larger cracks in the sidewalk). The Locas Self Balancing Scooter uses a 36V 4.4Ah Lithium Battery that is rechargeable. It is also a fast charging battery, which means it can have a full charge in less than an hour. Initial charging of the battery for the first time does take a bit longer, but that is normal and rather common when it comes to a Lithium battery.

Riding the Device

The Locas Self Balancing Scooter does rotate slightly in the middle. While a solid device, the two wheels are not completely locked into place with a single axel. This way, if there is a crack or slight obstacle in the ground on one side, the device does not need to overcompensate for it with both wheels. Without this split section in the scooter, one wheel might go airborne should the other wheel dip, which would make for a dangerous ride.

It is easier to learn than some, but there is always going to be a learning curve. Standing straight up and maintaining balance may take a few tries just to get use to it, but for the most part, shouldn’t take long to become comfortable with riding it around. There are also lights built directly into the front of the unit. This is not designed to be ridden at night though. It is not safe to ride at night as it is especially difficult to see exactly what is ahead with enough time to stop. Instead, it is more designed to grab the attention of other individuals who are ahead of it so they know a moving device is headed their way.

Fun to Use

Truth be told, this is a fun device to use. For anyone who has never tried one out before, it is a must. Naturally, it is not going to be for everyone and it still has a long way to go to be able to go over curbs and other problem areas that might slow down an individual. With that being said though, for some find riding around smooth surfaces or around the city block, this is a fun little device that needs to be looked at. It is also great for both children and adults.

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