IO Hawk Self Balancing Scooter Review


IO HAWK Self Balancing Scooter is an intelligent transportation, skateboard that is partly a scooter and a segway. There are a number of companies working on their own versions of intelligent, self balancing scooters, but IO HAWK remains the market leader. This highly innovative piece of mobile technology was built to optimize everyday productivity and efficiency. Two friends came up with this idea, of transforming how people move, see and connect. Below is a review of this fun and effective Intelligent Personal Mobility Device (IPMD):


The construction of any mobility device, normally determines the durability of the product and the quality of ride. IO Hawk is built to last many years; the device is generally lightweight at 265lbs and can support weights of between 44 to 265lbs. This means people of all sizes and shape can use the device to move around. The compact design of this device also makes it easy to store. The device has a ground clearance of 23’L x 7’H X 7.3’W.


10 Hawk scooters are very easy to operate; you can drive the scooter by shifting your weight forward or backward on the foot grips. The foot area, where you stand when riding are each fitted with a pressure sensor that monitors weight distribution and responds accordingly. The learning curve for this mobility device can be described as easy; it takes about 30 minutes to master how to operate this device.


The materials used in constructing IO Hawk are high quality and durable, they include; alloy frame, plastic housing, alloy wheels, rubber mats, brushless motors and non-pneumatic tires.


The IO Hawk IPMD can travel up to a top speed of 6.2mph when operated under standard mode. When the device is fully charged, it can run for 3 full hours for up to 12 miles. IO Hawk can also handle dust, water splashes, gentle inclines and uneven surfaces measuring 0.5 inches. Besides the non-pneumatic tires that ensure a firm grip on the road surface, the two rubberized surfaces of the platform are designed to provide firm grip during transportation. The new device also features 2 LED lights in the back for personal safety and a silent motor for silence performance.


The device comes with a powerful and reliable 36V 4.4AH Lithium ion battery. The battery features an indicator that alerts you when the battery power is above or below 50%. The green light indicates a charge of above 50%, while the red light indicates that the power is less than 10%.


IO Hawk is available in numerous color trims including blue, black yellow, red and white. The other outstanding feature about this mobility device is its stylish curves and modern designs which can transform the way you move around the office, park and home.


IO Hawk self balancing scooter is a perfect device for people looking to reinvent the way they move and interact. Despite its steep price, this device delivers an impressive performance that is bound to leave you smiling and satisfied. The popularity of IO Hawk has already earned it the nickname “the celebrity’s toy of choice”. The scooter has also featured at various technology forums, including CES 2015, where it has received rave reviews.

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