ForTech Self Balancing Scooter Review


This is a higher end version of the traditional two-wheel scooter; it comes in lots of brightly colored-two color combinations as well as several prints. This model has the anti-slip grip foot pads as well as two high powered motors holding five hundred watts of charge to use because of a high level lithium battery. You can expect an average of six hours of power once it is fully charged, but going over bumps and uphill pulls more power so you get less time from the charge. Reviewers say it recharges in about an hour, it weighs just less than thirty lbs. and is built very sturdy and heavy-duty. The tires are eight inch tires that are made from solid rubber, not air so you don’t have to worry about putting air in the tires or a flat.

It’s design is made from one axle running under the body with two separate motors and two separate footpads that work independently, one on each side that are sensitive to pressure so you just push on the foot pads to get it to go forward and accelerate the speed. You can also push down on the back part of the foot pads (under your heel) and it will go backwards and slow down. It you push on the front part of the foot pad on one side and the backside on the other, it will go around in circles. You must apply pressure evenly for it to move, if not it will signal to let you know pressure is not even. The key to getting it to work is to have your body in a straight up stance with your feet planted evenly on the foot pads. The front of the scooter lights up when you have both feet on the foot pads and it looks cool and so you can see at night. When you make a turn, a side light will blink and then return to solid after the turn is completed.

It is pretty easy to learn to ride for kids and adults, most people reviewing this scooter say they learned how everything worked and felt comfortable riding it in about ten minutes. It comes with a 100-240v plug AC charger that works with American plugs. You can slow it down when you are ready to stop by slowing pushing down with your heels, because reviewers say that if you just stop, you can be thrown off and fall and the scooter will flip over and over and scratch the body all up. It was also recommended by a reviewer to practice inside on a tile or wood floor until you get the hang of it then go outside and try it. Wearing a helmet is also a good idea especially for children; you also want an adult to supervise in case of traffic from cars or bicycles on the sidewalk. Another reviewer explained that when you first practice using the scooter, that “thinking” about what you want to do helps to make the scooter do what you want it to do. He says if you “think” it, it helps to tell your body what to do. It will work on most low pile carpets because several people said they use theirs in the office or use it to go to and from the train, bus or parking garage. In fact, several companies said they bought several for their office. I wonder if people in the office fight over who’s turn it is to ride next? I know the kids will certainly be fighting over it if there is only one or two for the family.

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