Efound Self Balancing Scooter Review


These new self balancing scooters may be the most viral marketed product of 2015. You may have seen some celebrity of other on a TV show using one, so you have probably seen this new phenomena that looks to be a cross between a sideways skateboard and a zero-platform Segway. Efound sells a self balancing scooter just like the ones seen on the Tonight Show and also seen featured at the NBA Finals. Efound’s version comes with LED Lights, a remote control, and a carrying bag.

They are priced anywhere from about $600 all the way up to about $1,800, depending on the accessories and paint job. Efound is selling these right now. Think: Segway-skateboard, a sideways rolling skateboard that is automatically balanced like a Segway transporter, but without handlebars. It is loads of fun and at the same time easier to learn than riding on a skateboard, and far more safe. It weighs only 27Lbs, is quite compact, and can climb up to 15° steep ramps, and can spin on its axis, meaning you can turn-in-place! The driving range on the 36 volt Lithium battery is about 10 miles.

When Jimmy Fallon got up on one on the Tonight Show, he did wobble around quite a bit at first; everyone does, it seems. But within a minute he went from inching slowly forward to zooming around with ease. The top speed on most of these scooters is about 6 MPH. As the name says, these new scooter boards are self-balancing. This means you just need to stand on it and it will keep you pointed upright. With a little shift of your weight forward, the board rolls forward, shift back and you roll backwards, shift to the right a little and it rolls to the right, or to the left and it rolls left. Since this invention has never existed before, nobody is yet the world expert at riding them, so here’s your chance to become the next Tony Hawk of the self balancing scooter!

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