Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter Review


The Coolreall self balancing or scooter, looks like something out of science fiction, and not necessarily from a bright future for mankind. Instead, think second half of Wal-E. The oblong, futuristic-looking board resembles, if anything, a Segway missing its top – and certainly does not look as if it could propel a full-grown person in any comfortable fashion. But looks, especially looks that are undeniably cool whatever else they may be, can be deceiving. After stepping onto the Coorreal scooter, and taking a moment to establish your balance, you’ll be zooming around, if not at intergalactic speeds, at least in style.

The Coolreall scooter works by dynamic equilibrium, which is a state where the forward reaction’s rate is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. Therefore, even though change is happening, there is no observable net change in the system. This means, in scooter terms, that as you lean forward to propel the scooter, an equal force is exerted backward. Even though the system is dynamic (that is, it is moving), the overall system stays unchanged (that is, you don’t tip over as you start to roll). For the purpose of maintaining this equilibrium, the Coolreall scooter is equipped with three each gyroscopes and accelerometers, which monitor the system and make the adjustments to keep you upright. And staying upright, after an initial learning phase, is surprisingly easy. Acceleration and deceleration are controlled by lightly touching toe or heel on the dual footpads; turning, which is very precise, is almost intuitive.

The scooter weighs just under thirty pounds, making it fairly portable. It can travel easily and safely at five miles per hour, although it can reach top speeds of up to twelve or thirteen miles per hour, and it can travel distances of roughly ten miles. The motor, which is smart, automatically adjusts, and does not let the scooter exceed too much the safety-rated speed, even on downhills. The motor is also quiet, and designed to rattle to alert user of improper use (too fast, too much angle on a turn), rather than simply allow the user to make a mistake. The 110 Wh lithium-ion battery can last up to five hours. The Coolreall scooter is not just a cool gadget, but, with specs like these, a practical mode of occasional transportation. Anyway, it is fun just to zoom around the house. Who is not tired of walking from the TV room to the bathroom?

Above all, the Coolreall scooter is fun. The slightly unbalanced, slightly unsettling feel you have at first, as you learn to stand correctly and maintain your balance, quickly becomes the good kind of weird. After five or ten minutes, you will be scooting with no problems whatsoever. Practicing inside first can be a good idea. The controls are intuitive and easy to use; the scooter turns on a dime and handles like a dream. If you are in the market for a new toy, like to be on the cutting edge of technology, or are looking for a present for kids who already have everything, try out the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter. It is safe, fun and easy to use. The future is now! Walking is for the old folks!

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