Self Balancing Scooters

The self balancing scooter has proven to be the next big thing, and an avalanche of people have shown up in waves to join in on the fun of riding this insanely popular new gadget. Are you next? Basically, the thing is a Segway with no handle. It may sound scary or off-putting at first, but they are very intuitively accurate. The slightest motion (when standing on one) will be sensed and put into motion. It literally takes 3-5 minutes to learn to ride one. Even for children. It takes roughly, ...

IO Hawk Self Balancing Scooter Review

IO HAWK Self Balancing Scooter is an intelligent transportation, skateboard that is partly a scooter and a segway. There are a number of companies working on their own versions of intelligent, self balancing scooters, but IO HAWK remains the market leader. This highly innovative piece of mobile technology was built to optimize everyday productivity and efficiency. Two friends came up with this idea, of transforming how people move, see and connect. Below is a review of this fun and effec...

Witech Self Balancing Scooter Review

The Witech self-balancing scooter is a cool concept that is essentially a Segway without the handlebars. The Witech comes with a 110 watt lithium-ion battery that will last for up to five hours on a one-hour charge, a 120-240v AC charger and a user’s manual. Before taking the Witech outside you should practice riding the scooter indoors, in a long hallway where your can reach out and touch the walls for support and balance. Design and Operation The Witech weighs roughly 30lbs and has...

Efound Self Balancing Scooter Review

These new self balancing scooters may be the most viral marketed product of 2015. You may have seen some celebrity of other on a TV show using one, so you have probably seen this new phenomena that looks to be a cross between a sideways skateboard and a zero-platform Segway. Efound sells a self balancing scooter just like the ones seen on the Tonight Show and also seen featured at the NBA Finals. Efound's version comes with LED Lights, a remote control, and a carrying bag. They are p...

Locas Self Balancing Scooter Review

Self balancing scooters have become more and more popular these days. Now, riders no longer need to propel themselves with foot power as all they really need is the battery of the scooter itself. Now, in order to properly select the best scooter out there, it is necessary to look at not only the scooter design, but its ability to maintain balance as well. The Locas Self Balancing Scooter is such a device that does come with some impressive design features, but like all scooters, it is im...

Viivria Self Balancing Scooter Review

Technology as we know it is changing more rapidly now than ever before in recorded history. One of those advancements is the self balancing scooter. I will cover first of all what it is and how it works. Secondly I will be going over specs and how it stacks up to the rest out there. When most of the people at large hear the words self balancing scooter they probably picture a segway with the handles to hold while mobile on them. This model however is not that. The Viivria is a no han...

Swagway Self Balancing Scooter Review

The self-balancing scooter is gaining recognition by large numbers of people all over the world. Its popularity is mostly based on the functionality it gives to people for travelling short distances. The two-wheel scooter innovation has proven to be a good alternative to bicycles and skateboards. You can now save yourself from getting stuck in a traffic jam since these electric scooters are designed with a small frame and they only occupy little space. This portable and lightweight balan...

ForTech Self Balancing Scooter Review

This is a higher end version of the traditional two-wheel scooter; it comes in lots of brightly colored-two color combinations as well as several prints. This model has the anti-slip grip foot pads as well as two high powered motors holding five hundred watts of charge to use because of a high level lithium battery. You can expect an average of six hours of power once it is fully charged, but going over bumps and uphill pulls more power so you get less time from the charge. Reviewers say...

Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter Review

The Coolreall self balancing or scooter, looks like something out of science fiction, and not necessarily from a bright future for mankind. Instead, think second half of Wal-E. The oblong, futuristic-looking board resembles, if anything, a Segway missing its top - and certainly does not look as if it could propel a full-grown person in any comfortable fashion. But looks, especially looks that are undeniably cool whatever else they may be, can be deceiving. After stepping onto the Coorrea...

Leray Self Balancing Scooter Review

My boys are really into skateboarding and cycling, and I thought the Leray self-balancing scooter would bring them the best of both worlds. They are fairly pricy at $499 on, so we could only afford to buy one. I figured that the boys would have fun taking turns. These little gizmos are scooters without handles. The rider uses his or her balance to cruise down the pavement. They come in a variety of flashy colors and designs, and we chose a fire-engine red one. It came with ...

Smart Self-Balancing Scooter Review

The Smart Self Balancing Scooter is the newest craze right now that everybody is buying; it is basically a Segway without handlebars. It goes at a speed of about seven to eight mph and when you get it up to full speed, it will beep, signaling that you have reached your maximum speed. It will go about fifteen miles of riding without needing to be recharged. When it runs out of charge, it has a little battery shaped light that will change from green to red and flash, and has a charging por...